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There were four or five cars out front when we found the house, too many for us, so we parked a couple of streets away and began to reconnoiter the neighborhood. Whispering our plan, we went through backyards in unfamiliar territory, arriving just in time (about midnight) to see them (the boys) get out of the pool and run to the house in the moonlight in their little tiny English bathing suits. After a few minutes we followed them up to the wide porch where we could hear piano playing and singing and laughing, but couldnt see anything because the curtains were pulled. We had a perfect view of the staircase, however, and as we stood there trying to figure out what to do next, John came bounding down the stairs, in his underwear (jockeys). Karen saw him first and threw herself against a well. I was behind her, didnt see him coming and suddenly we were eyeball to eyeball. Very soon, a manager came out, scraped us off the floor and suggested we come back tomorrow. (Like this was easy.) It took a full day of begging phone calls to my dads work the next day before he finally let me have the car. By this time the whole world knew they were there: no parking signs were everywhere and it was a teenage mob scene. But we had the lay of the land from the night before. Nonchalantly, we strolled past the Bel Air police, got ourselves into a backyard and we were home free up past the pool and there they all stood on the porch! John flapped his elbows at us and barked (despite our special beauty stop, he didnt seem to remember us from the night before), Ringo flashed his rings, Paul was adorable, and George seemed shy.

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See the results in more detail. What has happened since the referendum? Britain has got a new Prime Minister - Theresa May. The former home secretary took over from David Cameron, who resigned on the day after losing the referendum. Like Mr Cameron, Mrs May was against Britain leaving the EU but she says she will respect the will of the people. She has said "Brexit means Brexit" but there is still a lot of debate about what that will mean in practice especially on the two key issues of how British firms do business in the European Union and what curbs are brought in on the rights of European Union ชุดว่ายน้ำ ราคา nationals to live and work in the UK. For a day-by-day digest of all the August developments check out our Summer Brexit Watch. What about the economy? The UK economy appears to have weathered the initial shock of the Brexit vote, although the value of the pound remains near a 30-year low, but opinion is sharply divided over the long-term effects of leaving the EU. Some major firms such as Easyjet and John Lewis have pointed out that the slump in sterling has increased their costs.

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